Selecting the right golf practice net for driving success

Last updated on May 23rd, 2016 at 12:30 pm

golf-balls-965923_1280Golf is among the most expensive sports. You need a bag, drivers, irons, putters, tees, and balls just to play. You also need access to practice facilities where you can refine your putting, driving, chipping, wedge shots and more.

Practice facilities cost money. Ball buckets, for driving, cost more money. Replacing balls lost out on the course cost even more money. So, for true golf lovers, who have budget concerns, an alternate answer to the cost dilemma is welcomed. The answer is a golf practice net.

This one tool can help replace the cost of countless ball buckets at the driving range, numerous ball replacements and even facility membership fees.

Not only will these golf nets save you money, but it will also reduce the amount of time you will need to spend retrieving balls and setting up shots. A golf net for practicing can also increase the opportunities for you to practice.

If the benefits above sound appealing you should consider purchasing a golf practice net. In your search, you will want to determine the specific needs of your game to purchase the correct net. Several factors will help you find the right net for your specific needs.

You should consider:

  • Less Lost Balls With A Good Golf Practice Net
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor practice
  • Frequency of assembly
  • Net durability
  • Multipurpose functionality
  • Any special features

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Practice

Most golf practice nets today are designed for dual-purpose, indoor/outdoor use. However, some golf nets for home are safer for certain indoor environments, and anyone who expects to play indoors often should narrow his or her search to nets that allow the golfer to stand inside a canopy. Canopies reduce the likelihood of a ball escaping the net and flying free in an enclosed area where breakables might be present.

The disadvantage to canopy style nets resides in its inability to return balls to the golfer. As such, golfers who plan to practice mostly out of doors will want to search for nets that incorporate a flat driving surface that naturally gathers balls more conveniently.


The ease of assembling a golf practice net is the most variable feature from one manufacturer to the next. While most companies design their product with easy assembly in mind, golfers will find that certain nets have focused designs on assembly while others have prioritized durability over easy assembly.

Consider that net frames, with many rods will break down smaller, and travel easier, whereas frames with fewer parts will not travel well, but will wear well with frequent use. Moreover, a greater number of parts will invariably lead to higher assembly times, while fewer parts will erect more quickly.


The net itself is the most important factor in the quality of the product a golfer chooses to purchase. A hole in the webbing renders the net useless, so golfers should be certain to purchase a practice system equipped with heavy-duty netting with a minimum of seven thread woven webbing.

Multipurpose Use

Whether a golf practice net can serve as a batting cage, soccer goal, or tennis serve stopper may be an important feature for an athletic hobbyist. The primary concern when considering the function of a net is its niche design. Equipment that is designed to accommodate multiple uses will lack specific features for single-purpose equipment. For those whose only sport is golf, buying a golf net that has a single focus is the best choice.

Special Features

The most popular golf practice nets on the market feature several additional perks beyond stopping a drive. Two common perks worth the expense, for those who can afford them, are automatic assembly and ball return.

A few of the top practice nets, in the industry, feature a press-button assembly feature in which the net will erect and break-down with a button’s press. This feature starkly reduces the time constraints a person needs to expend in set-up and tear-down. It also reduces the hassle of being concerned about proper assembly.

Nets that return golf balls buy golfers more practice time, and more time allows for more repetition, and more repetition improves a golfer’s game. Having considered all of these features, golfers should be ready to select a model of practice net for their personal needs.

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